DC Tests

Generating of high direct currents

Technical Data

Converter: Twelve-pulse rectifier with AC side phase control modulator.

Nominal continous power: 1.5 MW

Current-voltage-combinations for nominal power:

current I in A voltage U in V
3000 500
1500 1000
1000 1500
750 2000
500 3000
250 6000

The phase control modulator allows the setting of the current and voltage range below the hyperbola

P = U ·I = 1.5 MW = const.

Short duration operation: Twice the current is possible for up to 15 s

Ripple: ≤ 1 % (of set current)

Static precision of current control: ± 0.1 %

Possible use and research applications

  • Arcing and plasma testing for various applications
  • Research of thermal effects of arc flashes on plastics used in substations or causing of fire through arc flashes
  • Testing of devices for DC systems (tramway, subway, railways, HVDC transmission)
  • Development of a DC switches for superconducting magnets