PD chamber & PD measuring

PD chamber & PD measuring

PD measurement chamber

Due to its encapsulated design, the partial discharge measurement chamber (PD chamber) is shielded against electromagnetic influences from the outside, which results in a very low background noise level during PD measurements in the PD chamber.

The PD chamber is additionally lined with thermal insulation material on the inside and is air-conditioned so that the temperature can be specifically adjusted during measurements.

Maximum effective voltage (AC): 250 kV

Temperature range: 20 °C – 60 °C

Noise level: < 1 pC

PD measurement systems

For partial discharge measurement different devices are available both from the company Omicron, as well as from the company Power Diagnostix.


MPD 600 (3x), MCU 520 (2x), CAL 542 (2x)

  • PD measuring according to IEC 60270 at AC and DC
  • Single or three-phase synchronous multichannel measurement
  • Div. analysis options such as: PRPD, 3PARD, 3CFRD, PSA, Q (U), H (U), …
  • Measurements with coupling quadrupole or HFCT's
  • Calibration between 1 pC – 10 nC

UHF 620 (1x)

  • Extension of the measurable bandwidth of the MPD 600 in the VHF and UHF frequency range
  • Narrow band measurements up to 1.5 MHz
  • Medium band measurements at 70 MHz
  • Broadband measurements at 1.9 GHz

Power Diagnostix

  • Calibration between 1 pC – 100 pC
  • 50, 60, or 100 Hz type
  • Two pulses per cycle (100 Hz or 120 Hz)
  • Double pulse with adjustable time delay 0.1 µs – 99.9 µs
  • Selection switch, which allows to give out single pulses triggered manually