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Important information

Dear students,

due to the current developments the executive board of TU Darmstadt has decided to postpone start of semester until 20th of April. Until first of June all lectures will be held digitally.

More informations can be found on the official TU Darmstadt homepage:

Announcements coronavirus

All postponed exams are set up from April 20th, further on. Please check TUCaN and our lecture web-pages for further details.

The following lectures will be held in the upcoming summer semester:


Summer Semester

These lectures will be taught:

High Voltage Technology II

Overvoltage Protection and Insulation Coordination

High Voltage Switching Equipment

These lectures are cancelled:

Electrical Energy Excursion

Lightning physics and lightning protection

Lab Exercises and Seminars

Summer Semester

These lab exercises and seminars take place:

Energietechnisches Praktikum (ETP II)

Proseminar ETiT (Bachelor)

Project Seminar High-Voltage Technology

This seminar is cancelled:

Seminar: Grid expansion in the context of the public opinions

Bachelor- and Mastertheses

Information about vacant Bachelor- and Mastertheses can be found in a separate summary.