Dr.-Ing. Torsten Psotta

Electromagnetic Compatibility


work +49 6151 16-20432 (Sekretariat)

Due to the ever increasing environmental standards, the use of SF6 in high voltage technology has to be reduced. One possible approach is the use of alternative insulating gases. An alternative insulating gas differs fundamentally from SF6. For use in high-voltage switchgear, this results in measures for dealing with the alternative insulating gas that must be taken and developed for the system manufacturer.

 The focus of this work lies with the breaking capacity of the alternative insulating gases in disconnectors. This leads to two different demands on the insulating gas. For a high current flows during commutation at low voltages, on the other hand flow induced currents that are smaller but occur at a higher voltage. These two cases will be implemented by two test circuits, in which the switch-off of the alternative insulating gases to be examined.

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