Proseminar ETiT (Bachelor)
Summer and Winter term

Proseminar ETiT for Bachelor EET

Term: summer term and winter term

Contact person: Manuel Philipp M.Sc.

Please refer to the german page for up to date informations.


Important: The proseminar is going to take place again, from winter term 22/23 further on.

  • Kick-Off-Meeting in SoSe 23: 17.04.2023 at 12:00 PM in building S321 room 303
  • Deadline for papers: TBA (2 weeks before the presentations)
  • Conference: TBA (End of summer term)

Content and goals

  • Elaboration of a technical topic in cooperation with a research associate as supervisor
  • Detailed study of technical articles
  • Deeper understanding of the technical topic treated therein
  • Practical experience with technical documentation
  • Learning modern presentation techniques and their application
  • Presentation and discussion of the technical topic in front of a group of people

Information about the course

  • In the 5th semester of the bachelor program ETIT or WI-ETIT
  • Can be taken at any professorship at ETIT, also outside the chosen specialization.
  • For the High Voltage Laboratories: The students inform themselves with the scientific staff if and which topics are currently offered. The specializations of the staff members can be found on the website or directly on the notice board of the department.
  • Start time and duration of the project work (e.g. as a block or during a lecture) can be arranged individually with the project supervisor.
  • Depending on the topic, teamwork may be possible.
  • The proseminar ETIT is offered every semester.

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