High Voltage Technology II
Summer term

High Voltage Technology II

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. sc. Myriam Koch

Contact person: Michael Kempf, M.Sc.

The lecture will be taught in german language. Please refer to the german webpage for up to date informations.


The lecture high voltage technology II will take place as in-person lecture in room S103/017. The exercises will take place in room S101/A2.

All materials and further informations can be found in moodle.

  • Layered dielectrics
  • Measures for field and potential control
  • Electrical breakdown of gases (Air, SF6)
  • Surface discharge and pollution flash-over
  • Lightning discharge, lightning protection
  • Kind/Kärner: Hochspannungs-Isoliertechnik; Vieweg (ISBN 3-528-03812-8)
  • Kind/Feser: Hochspannungs-Versuchstechnik; Vieweg (ISBN 3-528-43805-3)
  • Beyer u. a.: Hochspannungstechnik; Springer (ISBN 3-540-16014-0)
  • Küchler: Hochspannungstechnik; Springer 2009 (ISBN 3-540-78412-8)
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