High Voltage Technology I
Winter term

High Voltage Technology 1

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. sc. Myriam Koch

Contact person: Manuel Philipp, M.Sc.

The lecture will be taught in german. All informations are available in german language only and are provided via Moodle.

  • Module numberTUCaN: 18-kc-1010
  • 2 SWS lecture + 1 SWS practice + 1 SWS internship

The lecture high voltage technology 1 is being held in winter term 23/24

Up to date informations on the lecture can be found below or on moodle.

  • Calculation of electrostatic fields
  • Voltage distribution in insulating systems and layered dielectrics
  • Field and potential control measures
  • Breakdown of gases
  • Surface discharge and pollution flashover
  • Vacuum breakdown
  • Generation and measurement of high voltages

After participating in the module, students will be able to explain fundamental phenomena and principles related to high electric fields and they will be able to identify critical, highly stressed regions in electric field maps. They will be able to perform field optimizations through specific design of the dielectric materials and field-controlling geometries.

They understand the various mechanisms that lead to failure of a gas-insulated systems, know which parameters affect their electrical strength, and can apply design criteria. They can identify weak points in the insulation system and propose improvements. They will be able to make an estimation of the breakdown or flashover voltage, respectively. Students will be able to identify regions with potential surface discharges and know how pollution flashover develops and how it can be avoided.

Students will be able to explain the processes involved in vacuum breakdown and how it differs from gas breakdown. Furthermore, the students are able to explain the most important designs for high-voltage generators and to name suitable measuring equipment.

Please refer to the german webpage.
Please refer to the german webpage.

All informations on the lecture are available in Moodle.:

  • Lecture script (around 200 Pages)
  • All lecture slides (around 600 pages)

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