Power Cable Systems
Winter term

Energy Cable Systems

  • Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Johannes Kaumanns
  • Contact person: Tobias Trautmann, M.Sc.


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Excursion to Mannheim on February, 16th 2024

The excursion is cancelled due to low registration rates!

General informations

  • Modulnummer TUCaN: 18-kc-2060-vl
  • 2 SWS Vorlesung
  • Vorlesungssprache: Englisch (Falls dies von der Zuhörerschaft gewünscht wird auch Deutsch)

The lecture will be taught in person in winter semester 23/24 in room S103/113 on Friday afternoon. The first lecture will take place on Friday, 20th of October at 2:25 pm.

Up to date informations as well as lecture slides are available in moodle. Announcements will be published there.


Exam Winter term 2022/23:

Date: Wednesday April, 5th 2023 9:00-11:00 am

Room: S103/175

According to the registration numbers, the exam will take place as written examination. We will offer a repetitorium, probably on April, 3rd in S3|21/303 at 9:30 AM.

  • Introduction: application, history, transmission, system behaviour
  • Cable design: materials, requirements, design criteriae
  • Cable manufacturing: conductors, extrusion, shield, sheath, reinforcement
  • Quality requirements and testing: routine-, type and long term test, ISO 9001, standards, aging, endurance
  • Cable accessories: joints, terminations, materials, field grading systems, conductor connections
  • Cable systems: ampacity rating, mechanical requirements, induced voltage, short circuit requirements, transient stresses, installation techniques
  • Design and operation: route planning, laying, commissioning, monitoring, maintenance
  • Future trends: high-temperature superconductivity, submarine cables, DC cables, forced cooling, GIL
Lecture Date Time Place
1st lecture Friday, October 20th 14:25 – 17:55 S103/113
2nd lecture Friday, November 3rd 14:25 – 17:55 S103/113
3rd lecture Friday, November 17th 14:25 – 17:55 S103/113
4th lecture Friday, December 1st 14:25 – 17:55 S103/113
5th lecture Friday, December 15th 14:25 – 17:55 S103/113
6th lecture Friday, January 219th 14:25 – 17:55 S103/113
7th lecture Friday, February, 2nd 14:25 – 17:55 S103/113

All informations and regarding the lecture and literature can be found in moodle:

  • All lecture slides (around 450 pages as dwonload
  • Additional slides on current HVDC projects
  • Additional references