GIS User forum

About our GIS user forum:

In 1997 on the initiative of a few power supply companies was founded by the Institute of Elektrical Energy Supply (Prof. Balzer) the “GIS User Forum”.

The basic idea is to provide a platform for the exchange of experiences and ideas in the field of high-voltage SF6 switchgear.

The contributions made at the university are the organization and implementation of the activities necessary to achieve these objectives. After Prof. Balzer's retirement in October 2011, the GIS user forum has found a new home in the High Voltage Engineering Department of the Institute of Electrical Energy Systems.

The GIS User Forum consists of power supply companies, which exchange about high-voltage substations. Within the framework of the general meeting, all members meet and exchange current topics directly with each other. The General Meeting is open to members only.

The highlight every year is the GIS expert conference. During the conference users, manufacturers and all other interested parties meet and exchange their contributions to current topics. The meeting can be publicly attended.

More information on the gis user forum can be found at the following adress:

GIS user forum