David Christopher Kothe M.Sc.

Alternative insulation gases in medium-voltage switchgear


Open theses:

None right now. Please contact me.

Ongoing theses:

  • Bachelor thesis: Investigation of the dielectric strength of alternative insulating gases according to typical medium voltage energy exposure
  • Proseminar: Avoidance or reduction of the formation of carbon black when using new alternative gases

Completed theses:

  • Bachelor thesis: Investigation of the dielectric strength of alternative insulating gases as a function of the percentage of fluorinated components (2020)
    Editor: Nils Rehm
  • Proseminar: Switching Behavior of a Medium Voltage Load Break Switch (2019)
    Editor: Rostyslav Olshevskyi
  • Projectseminar: Design and construction of a large singing Tesla coil (2018)
    Editors: Michael Kempf, Tobias Müller und Henrik Scholz
  • Bachelor thesis: Development of a test setup to investigate the behaviour of gas-insulated medium voltage load switches during transient recovery voltages (2018)
    Editor: Tobias Müller
  • Bachelor thesis: Development of an experimental test circuit to investigate gas-insulated 24 kV medium voltage switchgears under continuous electrical stress (2018)
    Editor: Simon Böss
  • Student project: Preparation of an Acceptance Study for the Use of Alternative Insulating Gases in Switchgear and Gas-insulated Lines (2017)
    Editor: Karel Adam
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