Project seminar: applications of high voltage technology
Summer and Winter term

Project seminar: applications of high voltage technology

Term: summer term and winter term

Contact person: Michael Kempf, M.Sc.

For up to date informations please refer to the german webpage.


Important: The project seminar will take place again from winter term 22/23 further on!

Important dates

  • Kick-Off-Meeting in summer term: 22.04.2024 at 13:00 AM in Building S321 room 303
  • Interim report: after consultation
  • Presentation: after consultation

In this seminar, students plan, construct, commission and document devices from the field of high-voltage test and measurement technology in the form of a development project. The built devices will be used, where possible, to carry out initial scientific investigations. The aim is to work in a similar way to a development department in industry, using processes that are frequently applied today (creation of specifications and requirements, division of the project into sub-projects, naming of responsible persons, definition of “milestones”, review meetings, documentation and final presentation). The results are summarized in a written report and a final presentation. The students typically work in small groups.

1) Design and construction of an electrically triggered spark gab for a marx generator with two stages

2) Design and construction of a compressed gas insulated capacitor (ca. 1nF at 20 kV r.m.s.) for dielectric measurements of solid insulation materials

3) Construction of an electro-optical transformer for lossless transmission of electrical measurement signals as optical signals

4) Design, construction and calibration of a low ohmic high current shunt for current measurements up to 30 kA

5) Optimization of a production process for reproducible production of silicon slices for dielectric characterizations

6) Implementation of a floating temperature measurement system via fiber-optical temperature measurement

All topics will be presented and discussed during the kick-off meeting. If there are questions in beforehand, please contact us via e-mail.

  • Construction of a single-stage current impulse generator 30 kV / 10 kA for characterization measurements of surge arresters
  • Construction of a marx generator with 5 stages for 400 kV / 10 kA
  • Construction of test rig for “Inclined Plane Tests” for investigations on creepage current resistances of plastic insulation materials
  • Design and construction of a singing tesla coil (DRSSTC)
  • Design and construction of a “Wimhshurst” influence machine
  • Design, simulation, construction and commissioning of a 200 kv universal divider
  • and many more …

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