High Voltage Switching Equipment
Summer term

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claus Neumann

Contact person: Manuel Philipp, M.Sc.

The lecture will be taught in german language. Up to date information is available on the german webpage and in moodle.

  • Language: German
  • Pre-requirements: High voltage technology 1 recommended, high voltage technology 2 is not necessary
  • 4h lecture every two weeks
  • Credit points: 2 SWS (3 CP)

Teaching contents

  • This lecture covers the basic designs of high voltage substations as well as the design and working principles of high voltage switchgear:
    • Switching processes and stresses induced by switching
    • Arc behaviour in air, SF6 and vacuum
    • Types of switchgear: earthing switches, disconnectors and circuit breakers
    • Design and working principles of earthing switches and disconnectors in air and SF6
    • Design and working principles of circuit breakers: vacuum breakers, pressured air and SF6 breakers (thermal blast and self-blast chambers)
    • Stresses on earthing switches and disconnectors in the event of short circuit
    • Testing of switchgear
    • Reliability of switchgear
    • Future developments: Intelligent control of switchgear, static switches, superconducting switchgear