Electromagnetic Compatibility
Winter term

Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Torsten Psotta
  • Contact person: Julian Moxter, M.Sc.

The lecture “Electromagnetic Compatibility” is taught in German language. Please refer to the german page for up to date informations.

The new provided lecture slides from Dr. Psotta are only available in German language from winter turn 20/21 further on.

We still provide former lecture slides in English language from Prof. Hinrichsen.

Informations on the lecture:

  • Language: german
  • Credit points:
    • Lecture: 2 SWS
    • Practice: 1 SWS
    • Overall: 4 CP
  • Exam: The examination takes place in form of a written exam (duration: 120 minutes). If it can be estmated that less than 20 students register, the examination will be an oral examination (duration: 20 min.). The type of examination will be announced in the beginning of the lecture.
  • Further informations can be found in moodle.
  • Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Sources of emission
  • Coupling mechanisms and counter measures
  • Components for noise suppression
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • EMC measurement and test techniques
  • Excursion to VDE Offenbach